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"Ordinary people had dreamed it up and put it together, building towers on rafts in swamps and cross frozen spines of mountains. They'd waded through rivers and babbled in trigonometry. They hadn't dreamed in the way people usually used the word, but they'd imagined a different world, and bent metal around it. And out of all the sweat and swearing and mathematics had come this... thing, dropping words across the world as softly as starlight." Terry Pratchett

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This is the best gif I have ever seen. That is all.


This is the best gif I have ever seen. That is all.

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Be kind to yourself. Stop telling yourself that whatever you are struggling with “should” be easy. If something is hard for you, it is hard for you. There are probably Reasons, though those may just be how you are wired. Acknowledge these things. When you finish something hard, be proud! Celebrate a little.

And really, just stop saying “should” to yourself about your thoughts and feelings in any context. You feel how you feel. The things in your head are the things in your head. You can’t change either directly through sheer force of will. You can only change what you do. Stop beating yourself up for who and what you are right now–it isn’t productive. Focus on moving forward.

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My newest obsession (this is entirely the fault of my nephew and his family): RWBY.  I think I might be Weiss for Halloween.  Or cool headmistress lady.  I wish I had the hair to be hot, cigar-smoking villain.

watsonianfangirl, this is the thing I said you should watch, because I want to ship everyone with everyone basically.

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I want cable knit sweaters to be something they are not 


I want cable knit sweaters to be something they are not 

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WOULD ANY SANE PERSON think dumpster diving would have stopped Hitler, or that composting would have ended slavery or brought about the eight-hour workday, or that chopping wood and carrying water would have gotten people out of Tsarist prisons, or that dancing naked around a fire would have helped put in place the Voting Rights Act of 1957 or the Civil Rights Act of 1964? Then why now, with all the world at stake, do so many people retreat into these entirely personal “solutions”?

Part of the problem is that we’ve been victims of a campaign of systematic misdirection. Consumer culture and the capitalist mindset have taught us to substitute acts of personal consumption (or enlightenment) for organized political resistance. An Inconvenient Truth helped raise consciousness about global warming. But did you notice that all of the solutions presented had to do with personal consumption—changing light bulbs, inflating tires, driving half as much—and had nothing to do with shifting power away from corporations, or stopping the growth economy that is destroying the planet? Even if every person in the United States did everything the movie suggested, U.S. carbon emissions would fall by only 22 percent. Scientific consensus is that emissions must be reduced by at least 75 percent worldwide.

Or let’s talk water. We so often hear that the world is running out of water. People are dying from lack of water. Rivers are dewatered from lack of water. Because of this we need to take shorter showers. See the disconnect? Because I take showers, I’m responsible for drawing down aquifers? Well, no. More than 90 percent of the water used by humans is used by agriculture and industry. The remaining 10 percent is split between municipalities and actual living breathing individual humans. Collectively, municipal golf courses use as much water as municipal human beings. People (both human people and fish people) aren’t dying because the world is running out of water. They’re dying because the water is being stolen.

…Personal change doesn’t equal social change.

Forget Shorter Showers: Why Personal Changes Does Not Equal Political Change (via america-wakiewakie)

No, it doesn’t.  Because, as someone once said, if everyone makes small change, the net change over all humanity is still small.

That being said, I don’t think personal solutions are wrong, necessarily.  They won’t solve the problem, but: (a) It’s easier to change yourself than the entire socio-econo-political system that surrounds you, and this helps you deal with the absolute terror of the impending End of the World As We Know It.  And, (b) if people make an effort and inconvenience themselves over saving the environment, this means that it’s constantly in their minds.  If you’ve been forcing yourself to take short, cold showers to conserve water and energy resources, you may be less likely to elect a mayor who thinks the solution to all your town’s problems in to build a new golf course.  And maybe, just possibly, if you’ve been careful about taking your short showers, and haven’t shouted and preached your friends into epic frustration, they might think the same thing.

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holy mother of god

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:( cramps always suck. Btw my number is still the same. Have you gotten a new number?
No, but I have lost all my contacts, so I don’t have anyone’s number!  :-(  Text me, everyone!

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My goal is to be that rich single aunt that flies everywhere and wears designer clothing and brings expensive gifts to her less successful family members

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Having options again is really hard.  Do I want to start my much-delayed reread of all of Megan Whalen Turner?  Should I reread the Enchanted Forest quartet, which has been coming up in conversation regularly over the last few days?  Should I accept that I will lose half my mind to fiction, and succumb to Red Seas Under Red Skies?

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