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"Ordinary people had dreamed it up and put it together, building towers on rafts in swamps and cross frozen spines of mountains. They'd waded through rivers and babbled in trigonometry. They hadn't dreamed in the way people usually used the word, but they'd imagined a different world, and bent metal around it. And out of all the sweat and swearing and mathematics had come this... thing, dropping words across the world as softly as starlight." Terry Pratchett

Ask and ye shall receive (maybe)


idk I sometimes finish sentences with a “~” bc a period seems too hard/almost angry and a blank is too blank

see you later. (secretly pissed)
see you later~ (floating away trailing glitter and fairy dust)

Tagged: wait doesn't everyone do this?I do it ALL THE TIME when I'm writing Japanese emailsJapanese periods are so intensethey feel rude in personal emails so all my sentences end in ねえ〜in English I mostly use emoticon's instead(this is why all my paragraphs end in emoji people)(in case you were wondering)

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so apparently our foreign policy is snark and fighter jet patrols?

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Tagged: rhodey puts up with so muchrhodey is special and wonderfuland an amazing friend and also an amazing human beingthis is a james rhodes appreciate blogtony stark I love you for your issuesrhody I just love yousupport staff FTW

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Tagged: wintergrabby handsI miss winterI haven't had one in yearsand of course I missed the polar vortex so next winter is sure to be mildwhich is very good in general because the polar vortex was bad and dangerous for most people!...but I personally would have liked some snow

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YAY! That’s great news!
Right?  Although nothing is signed yet, so it may all come to nothing and then I will be apartment hunting while starting a new job, which I am *so* not excited about as an idea.

Tagged: personalugh sorry failing at taggingapologies to anyone not interested in the inane details of my life

Awesome! Back in the States?
Yeah, moving next week.  \O/
I’m sad to be leaving Japan — I *like* being an expat, and I’m going to miss my friends (and the food and the scenery and virtuous feeling of getting better at my second language) — but I have lots of friends stateside too, and I’m very excited about my new job, so.  That’s good?

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Guys, guys!  I might have somewhere to live in a month or so.  That’s not my sister’s basement.  Hopefully!

In related news, I have too many books.

Tagged: howhow did they fit on my bookshelves?my book shelves look normal but I have two bags of books to take to bookstores/friendsand my bookshelves are still full???ARG quantum books they are multiplyingwow I should sleepwow I should remember to not drink tea with dinneroops

Guys, guys!  I might have somewhere to live in a month or so.  That’s not my sister’s basement.  Hopefully!

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aww nasa has a page for space technology terms you can use in science fiction


Tagged: so here's the thingI used to *dream* of working at nasaand now that my actual work interests are kind of not in nasa's scope of hiringI still wistfully thinkyou seem like really cool people to work with/for...I wish...

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remember when these pieces of shit were everywhere and they were the best thing ever

and when you were too old to play with them you would just randomly move one when no one was looking

Tagged: I'm sorrysince when is this not the (second) best things ever?(the best thing every is the marble slide things)(I will never change my mind about that and my kids are getting parts for those the way I got BRIO)(tbf BRIO is also pretty awesome)

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